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App Store Customer Reviews of
ShuBook 2P and ShuBook 2M
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Best ereader out there! ★★★★★

“I absolutely love Shubook. After Stanza was killed off I tried many apps that left me disappointed. Shubook is hands down the best and gets better with every update. The tagging system from Calibre now automatically sorts in Shubook. If you have a ton of books like I do this is a lifesaver.”

- USA Store on v1.6

Perfect Library and Reader ★★★★★

“It supports all the file types I have in my calibre database. It can download all books at once or all of a special group. It can export the books to other apps in case I want to do some mark up. Many settings. Great customer service with quick and helpful answers. Recommended!!”

- Germany Store on v1.6

最好用的電子書閱讀軟體 ★★★★★


- Taiwan Store on v1.6

很不錯的程式 ★★★★★


- Taiwan Store on v1.6

方便易用,閱讀一流 ★★★★★


- Hong Kong Store on v1.6

实用而且功能很多 ★★★★★


- China Store on v1.6

總體非常棒的 ★★★★★


- China Store on v1.6

Best on the market ★★★★

“Many beautiful features, ALMOST makes it up for the loss of Stanza.”

- Sweden Store on v1.5

不錯,適應中 ★★★★★

“感覺往好的方向進化了許多 但需要點時間適應”

- Taiwan Store on v1.3.1

Great app (ótimo aplicativo) ★★★★★

“Excellent reader with good options and great performance (Excelente leitor de livros com boas opções e ótima performance).”

- Brazil Store on v1.3.1

Great ebook Reader ★★★★★

“I have tested most of the ereaders available for iPhone and iPad and this is the best I have found. It also works really well with Calibre the best ebook management system to be found. Simple interface to load ebooks. Highly recommended.”

- Netherlands Store on v1.2

iOS上最好的中文epub閲讀器 ★★★★★


- Hong Kong Store on v1.1

Very happy ★★★★★

“Love shu books. The best reading app I have used. Like being able to change background to make it easier to read at night. Thanks”

- USA Store on v1.0.3

Great support and easier to use ★★★★★

“I have been using Shubook to read my ebooks for many years. Recently bought its revamp version ShuBook 2P and found it's great! 2P is more user friendly for decoding simplified Chinese to Traditional's. Customer support is great and efficient. It's worth to pay for it.”

- Hong Kong Store on v1.0.2

推薦 ★★★★★


- USA Store on v1.0.1

很好用! ★★★★★


- USA Store on v1.0

App Store Customer Reviews of
ShuBook and ShuBook SE
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Great app ★★★★★

“Thank you for all your help and for resolving my iphone app issue. This is one app that all avid readers should have. Great support team also.”

- USA Store on v3.9.7

Best ★★★★★

“Best reader. I want to say thank you all, programmers!!)) u re geniuses”

- Russia Store on v3.9.7

Excellent ★★★★★

“My favorite ebook app, without comparison. This app stepped into the vacancy left by Stanza and in some respects surpassed it. The interface is very intuitive. I love that we can load user fonts!”

- USA Store on v3.6.1

Great Reader ★★★★★

“Searched a long time for a replacement for Stanza. Great app, good feature set and well supported.”

- UK Store on v3.6.1

Still the best reading app ★★★★★

“When I found ShuBook a few months ago, I was delighted (and still am) by its range of customization features. The key for me is the ability to upload your own font files, which makes the reading experience so much more enjoyable than any other app.”

- USA Store on v3.6

Best reader ★★★★★

“Пользовался Stanza, но она померла. Перепробовал все читалки на Аппсторе, пока не нашел эту. Есть все. И ничего лишнего. Особенно радует изменение яркости вертикальным слайдом. И интеграция с Calibre и Флибустой. Спасибо разработчикам!

Used Stanza. After its death tried every reader on the AppStore until found this one. It has all the features I need and is fully customizable. Special thanks for the brightness change with a vertical slide gesture. And Calibre integration. Thanks to developers!”

- Ukraine Store on v3.6

I really like this, it does everything I liked about Stanza, but with more stability ★★★★★

“I was afraid there never would be a successor to stanza but this works even better than it. Works with caliber well too. Great work!”

- USA Store on v3.5.1

The best ebook reader ★★★★★

“I've tried all of the ebook readers on the app store. This is the best, most flexible one. Now that you've fixed the brightness option again, it's perfect.”

- USA Store on v3.4.1

Excellent, versatile reader ★★★★★

“This is a very well-designed reader which gives you a great deal of control over the appearance of the text, more than most. Its ergonomics are well thought through so that it's easy to adjust things like brightness, font size, day/night reading (a bug that stopped this working properly has been fixed), bookmarking, searching and so on. It organizes books well, and is generally a delight to use.”

- Canada Store on v3.4

I like it ★★★★★

“The very best OPDS reader and ebook reader! Like old good Stanza. Compare it with other readers.”

- Russia Store on v3.4

Great book reader! ★★★★★

“Best reader I ever have, I would recommend this to everyone.”

- USA Store on v3.3.1

Packed With Features ★★★★★

- USA Store on v3.3.1

from a Stanza lover ★★★★★

“This is a great ereader for the iphone/ipod touch. It is replacing Stanza for me —— and I promise you that's saying a lot.”

- Canada Store on v3.3.1

Awesome! ★★★★★

“I spent all afternoon to find a reader, that works. This one does. It even handles slightly corrupted ePub books, where other readers struggle with the TOC. Clear reccomendation. Thanks!”

- Germany Store on v3.3.1

Muy completa. ★★★★★

“Es una app muy completa y lograda. Para mí ShuBook sustituye Stanza* aceptablemente bien. Recomiendo la versión de pago, o el package A in app purchase, para tener todas las funcionalidades.”

- Spain Store on v3.3.1

Love the customizations ★★★★★

“I love how the ebook pages are very customizable to the point that you can load your own favorite reading fonts! It's great and fast.”

- Australia Store on v3.2

Fantastic e-reader ★★★★★

“Perfect replacement for Stanza, with even more features and customization. Try this and you will not be disappointed. Well worth the in app purchase. In fact, I would happily pay ten times that for such a good e-reader.”

- Canada Store on v3.2

As good as Stanza ever was. ★★★★★

“This ereader blows the competition out the water.”

- Canada Store on v3.2

Woah ★★★★

“Très bon remplaçant de Stanza!”

- France Store on v3.2

Best ebook reader!! ★★★★★

- Hong Kong Store on v3.2

Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! ★★★★★

“This app is brilliant, better than iBooks and Kindle and all!! ...”

- UK Store on v3.1

The best ebook reader ever ★★★★★

- USA Store on v3.1

I love this app!! ★★★★★

“This is the reader I use the most, I can't live without it.”

- USA Store on v3.1

Best Stanza replacement ★★★★★

“I gave MegaReader a go, but two things kept me from sticking with it: the limited book source customizations (you could add opds catalogs but not plain web sources) and the lack of a paragraph indent option. Without indents, it just wasn't a comfortable reading experience for me. I'd tried Shubook back in October when iOS 5 first came out and Stanza was killed, but it was considerably less full-featured than it is now. I gave it another try when I saw that it was being regularly updated and developed, and I'm beyond impressed with how the app has turned out. It's very Stanza-like, both in the user experience and in the focus on providing very flexible customization options. If that's important to you in an ereading app, then I absolutely recommend Shubook.”

- USA Store on v3.1

Definitely More Like Stanza!! ★★★★★

“It's customizable. It allows you to use Calibre. Tried MegaReader but it doesn't show book blurbs. This app does. And can load thousands of books without crashing. It has some ways to go but it's a great app and does the job. If your looking for something comparable to Stanza, this is it. Definitely worth the money spent.”

- USA Store on v3.1

Great eBook Reader for Chinese Books ★★★★★

“I bought the package A, and it worths every penny. ...”

- Canada Store on v3.1

I think this is the answer ★★★★★

“I feel like giving this such a rave review, you might think my Mother owned the company. It's even better than Stanza. I love that you can edit authors and subjects easily from inside the app. I love the search capability. I love how you create your own authority file. I love that you can sort Author, Title, Label or User. I love that works by the same author are grouped in folders. I love how easy it is to download, either from your own libraries, or from commercial sites. I love that the team answers queries clearly quickly and friendly. It isn't as pretty as iBooks, but for my money, it's a lot more functional. Did I mention, I love this app?”

- Australia Store on v3.0.1

Shubook ★★★★★

“Simply marvellous!”

- Malaysia Store on v3.0.1

A worthy Stanza Replacement ★★★★★

“I've used Stanza for years and realize that it's on its last legs. ShuBook is as good as Stanza, and in some cases, better. I've tried all of them, and only ShuBook provides a pleasant, uncluttered UI and powerful feature set.”

- USA Store on v3.0.1

Best e-book app all-round ★★★★★

“With all the new features and improvements, the 2.X release of ShuBook ends top of my list. I've been looking for a long time for a good app for my large collection of (multiple thousands of) books. ShuBook delivers on a lot of my demands: good library management (quick response even for a large library & crash-resistant), nice reading (good lay-out), easy import via iTunes/OPDS. And "Package A" also adds good value for the money ;) I really enjoy reading my books in this app!”

- Belgium Store on v2.1

Worth the money! ★★★★★

“I use this as a replacement for Stanza. Paid for package A and very happy with my purchase. Works very well as advertised. Wonderful app!!”

- Singapore Store on v2.1

Great App ★★★★★

“Looked at 10 readers after not being able to use Stanza after ios 5.0. This is without a doubt the best of them all IMO.”

- USA Store on v2.1