Book Sources (2)

ShuBook is an open reading platform where you can add any book source you like, as long as the book source does not restrict access via a proprietary and closed interface. An open book source may be public or private, with or without login requirement, with or without fees.

For your convenience, ShuBook provides a preset list of book sources, including those supporting the de-facto standard OPDS Catalog for electronic document distribution, and those supporting traditional web pages.

For your freedom of choice, ShuBook provides a convenient way for you to add your preferred custom list of book sources.

Custom Book Sources

ShuBook supports 4 different types of custom book sources, namely, (1) iTunes import, (2) OPDS Catalog, (3) email attachment, and (4) web page.

Custom OPDS Catalog can be added manually or automatically if the server supports Bonjour. You can also easily turn your Mac into a webpage book source too.

Custom Book Sources