Sunzi on the Art of War (Chinese-English Edition)
孫子兵法 (漢英對照版)

Author: Sun Wu
Translator: Lionel Giles
Editor: Stone Ying
Publisher: Ambibma Ltd.
Edition: First edition, June 2011
© 2011 Ambibma Ltd.

This book is divided into three parts, namely the interleaved Chinese-English correspondence, the Chinese original, and the English translation.

The Chinese original was attributed to the famous Chinese military strategist Sunzi, better known as Sun Tzu, around 2,500 years ago. The English translation was extracted from a book with both translation and commentary published 100 years ago by the sinologist Lionel Giles.

The editor of this ebook version, Stone Ying, did a careful word-by-word proofreading of multiple variations of the Chinese original, and corrected some punctuations and paragraph divisions so as to optimize the Chinese-English correspondence. Moreover, the Wade-Giles romanizations of Chinese names originally appeared in the English translation were replaced by their modern Hanyu-Pinyin equivalents.

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